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Autumn season offers
Autumn season offers

Valk Exclusief autumn packages

View our Valk Exclusief seasonal deals below. Every season there is a new offer waiting for you.

Looking for an arrangement in December, January or February? Then you will find the perfect deal with the autumn packages. The autumn packages can be booked for a stay in September, October and November.

If your package of your choice is not available, view all packages of Valk Exclusive.

Seasonal packages in September, October & November

  • 3 = 2 Autumn

    3 = 2 Autumn

    • 3x overnight stay
    • 3x breakfast buffet
    • Stay in September, October and November

    Make autumn complete with the 3 = 2 autumn package from Valk Exclusief. You will stay three nights for the price of two!

    Starting from
    Per person
  • Awesome Autumn

    Awesome Autumn

    • 2/3x overnight stay
    • 2/3x breakfast buffet
    • 2x 3-course dinner
    • Stay in September, October and November

    Enjoy a carefree three or four days with the Lovely Autumn package at your favorite Valk hotel! You will be completely pampered with twice a delicious culinary autumn dinner of 3 courses.

    Starting from
    Per person
  • Autumn deal

    Autumn deal

    • 1/2x overnight stay
    • 1/2x breakfast buffet
    • Stay in September, October and November

    Do you want to enjoy autumn even more? Then view this special autumn deal including overnight stay & breakfast for two or three days.

    Starting from
    Per person
Give a Valk package as a gift

Give a Valk package as a gift

Would you like to give a Valk Exclusief package as a gift, but you don't know exactly which hotel? Then order a Valk Gift Card!

This gift card is valid indefinitely and can be used at all Valk locations worldwide and online. If you order it online, have it completely packaged and personalized with our festive extras.

View the other seasonal deals now and book in advance!

  • Winter


    • Stay in December, January and February

    In the heart of winter you can enjoy one of the winter packages and deals at Valk Exclusief!

  • Spring


    • Stay in December, January and February

    One or more days out together with one of our advantageous spring deal or package deals!

  • Summer


    • Stay in June, July and August

    With the various summer packages and deals, there is always something suitable to go away for some sunny days together!

Looking for something different?

Looking for something different?

Do you prefer a different arrangement?
In addition to the seasonal deals, we offer various other packages at Valk Exclusive. Consider, for example, a bicycle package, Suite Dream package or the all-inclusive Live Cooking package.

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Ontvang de Valk Exclusief Nieuwsbrief!

Winterdeals bij Valk Exclusief

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Weekendje weg in een suite

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Overnachten in een Wellness suite

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