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In the Van der Valk Exclusive magazine you can read about the latest developments at the Van der Valk Exclusive hotels. In extensive reports you get to know the hotels and the people behind the scenes tell about their motives. We also portray members of the Van der Valk family.

Congratulations to all our toppers!

Would I like to write the foreword for our beautiful magazine. Of course: what could be more fun than being in contact with our guests! 2018 is already a great year for Van der Valk. Hotel Apeldoorn has just opened and what I have seen is beautiful. The rural and contemporary hotel is located on the edge of the Veluwe, amidst greenery. The garden has been landscaped and the building feels like a warm blanket. In this magazine you can see how beautifully my brother Marcus and his wife Alice built and decorated the hotel.

Hotel Apeldoorn is not the only gem. Tilburg has been building a special city hotel for 1.5 years. The property literally shines from afar thanks to the anthracite gray natural stone with a sparkling gold touch. Even the toucan on the property is made in gold.

You can visit Tilburg from May. It is an innovative building with surprising eye-catchers and living areas, realized by my sister Jacqueline and her husband Frans Willem. Brother Ben has left his mark on the roof, where a special garden will be built. Everything to give you the ultimate experience, business or private, alone or in a large group. Everyone is welcome!

2018 has a great start for Peter and me! Finally we can realize our dream and develop a contemporary city hotel on the ring of Rotterdam. We have been working on our beautiful project since August last year with the Teunissen architectural firm, by Paul Teunissen and Paul van der Lely. The design is for the vision of the municipality of Schiedam and we hope for a quick settlement of the environmental permit that we have submitted. In the summer issue we hope to show you the final and approved design! At the moment we are busy with contractor and installation companies to coordinate the construction method and construction technique. Here too we are supported by Paul and Paul. Fortunately, the Van der Valk family likes to build, but needs professionals to be able to deliver such beautiful buildings.

Of course we, like Hotel Tilburg and the new project at Amsterdam Zuidas, aim for the most sustainable building. This 'building BREEAM' has now become standard for Van der Valk. We hope to achieve the 'out standing rating', but 'excellent' is also very sustainable. That is what we want: sustainable into the future. We like to think of our children and grandchildren - and yours!

In addition to physical building, we also continue to build on our organization and professionalism. Each family member has their own way of building their own development, knowledge and skills. In this issue, read the interviews with Nick and Mick, both of whom started young in the family business. They are making great strides this year.

How proud I am of them. Just like our children and cousins ​​who study at the hotel school, university or college. They block hard for exams and choose their own development path. They gain experience during internships abroad and are each molded for their profession in their own way.

The great thing about our family business is that there is room for everyone. We are also working hard on mutual cooperation and joining forces. Not always visible to you as a guest, but certainly present in the background.

And you know, all those Falcons can never do the job so well if they are not assisted by all those top people in our companies. From chef to chambermaid, from the truck driver who supplies our hotels by storm and rain, to the student school teacher who works until late at night to make all halls and restaurants look tip-top again for the next occupation: we cannot without them. I would like to give a deep bow to all those top people who work with us and excel in giving the ultimate hospitality that you have come to expect from our companies. Congratulations to all those thousands of top players!

I wish you a happy spring!

Eveline van den Hul-Van der Valk

Hotel Rotterdam-Nieuwerkerk