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FAQ Valk Exclusief Membership

Do you have questions about Valk Exclusief Membership? You can find answers to frequently asked questions below. Do you have a question that is not included? Then please contact us at

What should I know before applying for Valk Exclusief Membership?
Valk Exclusief Membership gives you first access to Exclusive promotions, personalised offers and much more. Valk Exclusief Membership is completely free, but you must be at least 18 years old to become a member.

How can I upgrade my Valk Account to a Valk Exclusief Membership Account?
Login to your Valk Account and go to 'my account details'. Here you have the option to upgrade your Valk Account to Valk Exclusief Membership free of charge.

Is the Valk Exclusief Membership free?
Yes, signing up for Valk Exclusief Membership is free of charge.

What are the advantages of Valk Exclusief Membership?
- €15,- Membership Welcome Discount
- Personalised offers
- Exclusive Memberhip promotions
- Lazy Sunday check-out

What is the difference between the Valk Exclusief Membership and Valk Account?
With the Valk Exclusief Membership you benefit from even more advantages, so you will receive exclusive Membership promotions and personalised offers.

Where can I see if I am a Valk Exclusief member?
In your Valk Account under 'my account details' you can see if you are a member of Valk Exclusief Membership.Do you not yet have a Valk Account? Then first create a Valk Account, which you can then upgrade to Valk Exclusief Membership under 'my account details'.

Are the benefits of Valk Exclusief Membership valid at all Van der Valk hotels?
No, the benefits are only valid at all Valk Exclusive hotels. You can find an overview off all Valk Exclusive Hotels here.

How do you handle my personal information?
Please refer to the Privacy Statement for detailed information on personal data.

How can I cancel my Valk Exclusief Membership?
To cancel your Membership, please send an email to from the email address you are a member of. Please state in this email that you wish to cancel your Membership. You will receive a confirmation email when your Membership has been cancelled.

Where can I find my €15,- Welcome Discount?
You can find your discount in your Valk Exclusive account. Go to 'Loyal & Bonus' balances in your Valk Account. The amount of your Valk Bonus will automatically be increased by €15,-.

How long is my €15,- Welcome Discount valid?
Your €15,- Welcome Discount is valid for 2 months and can be redeemed online for an overnight stay or package at Valk Exclusief Hotels.

I have not received my €15,- Welcome Discount?
As a Valk Exclusive Member you will receive your €15,- Welcome Discount in your account. Not a member yet? Then register here or upgrade your Valk Account and receive your €15,- welcome discount.

I have a balance on my Valk Account, can I use this together with my €15,- Welcome Discount?
You can redeem your Welcome Discount together with your Valk Loyal credit. Your Welcome Discount cannot be redeemed at the same time as other Valk Bonus credits.

Can I use my €15,- Welcome Discount for a previous booking?
No, it is not possible to use your €15,- Welcome Discount on a previous booking. You can redeem your credit when you make an online booking at a Valk Exclusive hotel.