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Lovely on the coast
Lovely on the coast

Hotels near the beach

Enjoy a stay and stay on the Dutch beaches at Van der Valk!

  • Hotel Akersloot

    Hotel Akersloot

    With Castricum and Zandvoort around the corner, hotel Akersloot is the ideal base!

  • Hotel Haarlem

    Hotel Haarlem

    With bustling Zandvoort around the corner, there are countless options to enjoy at the coast!

  • Hotel Goes

    Hotel Goes

    With the wonderful Zeeland beaches within reach!

  • Hotel Middelburg

    Hotel Middelburg

    Where the sun shines the most in the Netherlands!

  • Hotel Den Haag-Nootdorp

    Hotel Den Haag-Nootdorp

    You are so on the most popular beach in the Netherlands!

  • Hotel Leiden

    Hotel Leiden

    Just take your feet out of the sand on our beautiful terrace on the water!