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Open air museum

Go out together or with the whole family to the most famous open-air museums in the Netherlands and spend the night in one of our hotels after a long day. Not all open air museums can be visited all year round, but some are only open or available during the season. This can of course also be outdoor events.

After a day full of impressions, relax in a Valk Exclusive hotel near your Event or open-air museums.
We have listed a number of interesting museums for you with the nearest hotels.

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The best open air museums

  • Keukenhof


    With more than 7 million flower bulbs that are planted every season, the Keukenhof in Lisse is the largest flower garden in the world.

    Combine your visit to Keukenhof with an overnight stay in Hotel Leiden, Hotel de Gouden Leeuw, Hotel Haarlem or Hotel Schiphol.

  • Zaanse Schans

    Zaanse Schans

    At the Zaan you will find the Zaanse Schans, this picturesque neighborhood with historic wooden buildings is a real must visit during a visit to North Holland.

    Combine your visit with an overnight stay or dinner in Hotel Oostzaan or Hotel Purmerend.

  • Zuiderzee Museum

    Zuiderzee Museum

    In Enkhuizen you will find the cultural-historical Zuiderzee Museum, where the maritime history and culture of the former Zuiderzee are portrayed.

    Combine your visit to the Zuiderzee Museum with a dinner or overnight stay at Hotel Wieringermeer

  • Archeon


    Step into the middle of history and discover what it used to be like. Visit prehistory, Roman times or the Middle Ages.

    Combine your visit with a dinner or overnight stay in Hotel Leiden or Hotel de Gouden Leeuw.

  • Oorlogsmuseum Overloon

    Oorlogsmuseum Overloon

    Learn everything about the history of the Second World War, from the build-up to the resistance, from the persecution to the liberation, with a special focus on the Battle of Overloon.

    Combine your visit with an overnight stay at Hotel Tilburg.

  • Nederlands Openluchtmuseum

    Nederlands Openluchtmuseum

    Spend a day in the life of your father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Enjoy the beautiful museum park full of memories and admire the collection of over eighty original houses, farms and mills.

  • Hunebedcentrum Borger

    Hunebedcentrum Borger

    Step into the experience of a person who walked here along the marshy plains five and a half thousand years ago. Interactive and breathtaking.

    Combine your visit to the Hunebedden with a dinner or overnight stay in Hotel Assen or Hotel Emmen.

  • It Damshûs

    It Damshûs

    Experience in a lively and active way how peat peat was made and the living and living conditions of the peat workers.

    Combine your visit with an overnight stay at Hotel Leeuwarden

  • Aviodrome


    With over 6000m2 of airplane fun, there is plenty to do for both young and old. You can even take a sightseeing flight here to complete the day of airplane action.

    Combine your visit with a dinner or overnight stay in Hotel Harderwijk or Hotel Almere.

  • Batavialand


    At Batavialand, our struggle against water is brought to life, from reclamation to the voyages of discovery.

    Combine your visit with a stay at Hotel Almere.

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