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Spam mail


Various variants of a spam / phishing mail are circulating. This email is not from us, but it is phishing mail. This is a form of internet fraud where an unknown party tries to get your data for the wrong purposes. We therefore advise you not to click on the e-mail and certainly not to enter any data. If you are unsure whether an email is from us in the future, you can always contact us.

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    Official Van der Valk e-mails are only sent from the email address

    Van der Valk giveaways on social media are always directly linked to our social media channels, such as:

    • Our Facebook page

    • Our Instagram account

    • Or link to our websites, of

  • Features of phishing mail (fake actions)

    • The email was sent from an email address other than

    • Van der Valk does not use SMS or WhatsApp for giveaways.

    • The text in the email tries to convince you to take action as soon as possible. For example, the fake action would only have a few places or will expire soon.

    • The text in the email often contains spelling mistakes.

    • The address at the bottom of the e-mail is not in the Netherlands.

    • It says in lower case under the 'Confirm Now' button: The brands listed here are NOT affiliated with this promotion.

    If you receive an email with a sender other than, this means that this is a phishing email.
    Did you receive an email like this? Read below what you can do best.

  • You have received a phishing mail, now what?

    1. Important: Do not click on any link in the mail!
    It is important that you do not click on any link in the email, even if it says "unsubscribe" or "unsubscribe". With this you indicate that the e-mail address is in use and you will more often receive this type of e-mail.

    2. Mark the email as "spam" in your mailbox.

    3. Delete the email from your mailbox.

    4. Report the phishing email to your provider.
    Almost all providers offer information on their website regarding phishing. Therefore, we recommend that you consult your ISP's website and report the abuse.

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    Lunch Deal: Tomatensoep

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Examples of Phisingmail: