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Do you have any questions? Below are some questions with answers. Do you have a question that is not listed? Feel free to appoint them to

What is Valk Exclusive? What is the difference with
Van der Valk is divided into two groups. Valk Exclusive is the umbrella of 39 Van der Valk hotels & Restaurants. Valk Exclusive has its own account system and its own deals. An overview of all Valk Exclusive hotels can be found here.

If I want to book an offer with Valk Exclusief, where can I do that?
Our offers that apply to all Valk Exclusive hotels can be booked via

Do I always get a discount when I book online with a ValkAccount?
When you book an overnight stay or package online, you always save Valk Loyal credit after your overnight stay that you can redeem with your next reservation.

Do the Valk Loyal benefits at all Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants?
You can only take advantage of the Valk Loyal benefits at participating hotels. For an overview of the hotels you can look here.

How can I take advantage of the Valk Loyal benefits?
Create a ValkAccount and receive a discount on your next reservation in one of our hotels when you book an overnight stay or package online. After your overnight stay you will earn a Valk Loyal balance that can be redeemed at the next reservation.

Do I have to become a member of Valk Loyal to participate?
No, you only need to create a Valk Account. You can create an account at You can log in to all our hotel sites with this account.

Do I have to book through this website?
No, you can book on all websites of our participating hotels with your Valk Account. With every Valk Exclusive website you can easily log in with your Valk account, this applies to the hotel sites as well as to the umbrella websites.

Do I need a new Valk Account for every hotel website?
No, you only need to create one Valk Account and log in to one of our hotel sites or umbrella Valk Exclusive websites.

Can I change my email address?
Of course that is possible! You can change your email address in your Valk Account. When changing the email address, all other data in the account will remain and you will keep your Loyal and Bonus balance. A confirmation will be sent to your change email address.

Can I spend the night with my pet?
Yes. It is possible to stay overnight with your pet at a large number of Valk Exclusive establishments. Click here to see at which Valk Exclusive locations it is possible to spend the night with your pet.